Our Staff

Hand poured custom made baits made in Millmont PA. Started in 1998 making lead based products and then grew into making plastics and other fishing baits.

we offer over 40 colors of soft plastics... we also offer limited "custom color" baits.

Tom's custom baits also does fishing and casting seminars. Its a great way to educate people, especially youth about the great sport of fishing.

Shane Purves
Tom's Son / Pro-staffer
 Favorite baits - Tubes, Stick baits, Spinner baits, buzz baits.

Chuck Zellner
Pro-staffer / Inline Spinner Maker
Favorite Baits- swiss swing, stick baits, spinner baits, tubes.

About Us...

Tom Purves

Creator / Pro-staffer / Owner
Favorite Baits - Stick baits, tubes, creatures, spinner baits 

Amber Oberdorf

Technical support / Artistic Director / Team Worm
Favorite Baits - Stick, Pastics, Tubes, Swimming Baits